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Join us at the Blake Street Tavern @ 2301 Blake Street in Denver to watch all MSU football and basketball games

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These are great times for Spartans everywhere, aren't they?  While the go greens have always been followed by friendly go whites, there seems to be just a tad bit more spirit in those exchanges these days.  Any why shouldn't they?  We have so much to be proud of!  It's not just the success of our sports teams.  And not just because we have the best president, faculty, students, alumni, AD and coaches in the land.  I think it's more to do with the pride and integrity in how Spartans pursue and accomplish great things wherever we are and in whatever we do.  It's no different with our amazing Spartan family out here in Colorado.  We're excited you're here!!  Read on for more info...

Game watches

In case you're new to Denver, you should know that we meet up at the Blake St Tavern to watch all of our games with fellow Spartan fans and alumni.  We have pretty large groups for every single football game, the bigger basketball games, and other planned and unplanned social activities.  Regardless of the size of the group, our game watches are a great chance to get to know other Spartans in the area, while soaking in the greatness of our sports teams.  For each football game and a few of the larger basketball games, we set up a booth where we sell and raffle away our "Colorado Spartans" gear that has become a hit with Spartans from all over the country.  We have short and long sleeve T shirts, sweatshirts, 1/2 zip jackets, bumper stickers, pint glasses, frisbees, and other goodies. The proceeds from our sales help fund Colorado students go to MSU through our club scholarship.  These are great ways to get to know other alumni out here in Colorado while giving back to the school that we love.

The Blake Street Tavern is located at 2301 Blake Street, Downtown Denver -

Colorado Spartan 14er hike

The 9th annual Colorado Spartan 14er hike will take place on Saturday, August 22nd this year, and we have our sights set on Mt Shavano (and Mt Tabeguache as well for the truly ambitious).  We plan to camp out at the trailhead that Friday night before the hike, and that Saturday after the hike.  If you'd like to join, check out our facebook page and join the event to stay in the loop.

We're trying to plan a summit at around 10am to get as many Spartans in on the coolest picture our club takes every year.  ;-)  One group will be heading out from the Mt Shavano east slopes trailhead at 7am witha  3 hour pace, and another at 7:30am with a 2.5 hour pace.  Feel free to join one of these groups, or just meet us at the top if you know your own pace.  Hope to see you up there!!